Flamingos in Bitterwasser

immer wieder haben wir Witze darüber gemacht wenn die Pfanne mal nass war. ” Jetzt fehlen nur noch die Flamingos” Heute war es dann tatsächlich soweit. 5 Flamingos sind in Bitterwasser angekommen und wandern durch die Pfanne.

again and again we made jokes about it if the pan was wet. ” Now only the flamingos are missing” Today it was then actually so far. 5 flamingos have arrived in Bitterwasser and wander through the pan.

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    • Woody on January 23, 2021 at 9:00 pm
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    For the 17 consecutive years I went for flying at Bitterwasser (1996 – 2013)
    I never saw flamingos there – and from the webcam photos I never saw so
    much green in and around Bitterwasser – the farmers must be very happy –
    the web cams are great to see how it looks – N, W, E, and Palm Alley –
    Wolfgang did a great job along with some others helping – and thanks to
    Wolfgang and Krista for the Arcus M at Bitterwasser articles and photos –
    and thanks to all who made the small season at Bitterwasser this year –
    best regards,
    (Ralph “Woody” Woodward)

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